What we do…

We are a fully donation based consulting and training provider for not only the Cannabis community, but for gardeners and gardening inventors alike.

Have a look through our website, it’s not large. If we can assist you with your projects, please let us know.


Explore possibilities and narrow down your choices. Obtain clear and honest answers tailored to you and your goals. Large projects or small, indoors or out.
An extra set of eyes to help you succeed first time.


Ongoing, one on one sessions for anyone from beginner gardeners to seasoned commercial growers. We will walk you through the process from start to finish, ensuring you can continue on your own with whatever growing system you chose.


Plants are plants, right?
It’s not quite so easy. Learning to recognize and correct many common plant and system problems takes time and experience.

We are here to share ours with you.

Some very important information

There may be those in your area that will take offense at what you want to do. Some of those may think you deserve to live in a box for growing a plant. I really can’t do anything about those folks and neither can you, other than continue to learn and grow peacefully, without impact on your neighbors that they don’t consent to.
We are moving into a very new place where the old ways of interacting as community are simply not going to work. We all need to take a look at what we are doing and make any adjustments needed to foster tolerance, consideration and personal responsibility.

* All sessions offered here are PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL.
* All sessions offered here are by DONATION.
* NO ONE is left behind. If I can, I will serve all who ask.
* Due to client volume, session availability may be limited.
* For non-critical security or rapid response situations, please use our Discord server.
* We use Zoom conferencing software for our sessions. Please obtain your free account here.

We cannot condone or support unlawful activity, but fortunately, growing a plant is not unlawful.
If, in your area, there are those that still think it is illegal, it is up to you what you do with the information you obtain here. Please protect yourself.



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