A bit about Fred

Fred_the_plumber was an active teacher and assisted many on the Cannabis Culture forums for many years. With some forty years experience with Cannabis and nearly fifty years experience with general gardening, Fred has seen a lot of issues and problems go by. Add to that a intense curiosity and talent for engineering, design and a love of sharing and building knowledge, and you have an excellent combination of factors and a broad perspective base.
Fred understands that not everyone learns in the same way. What makes complete sense to one will be unintelligible to another. Each has unique visualizations, perspectives and ways of making sense of complex concepts. Fred will find out where your best comprehension lies and formulate answers and concepts that suit well how you process information.

Oh, hell, I really don’t like writing like that… It all sounds so pretentious.

I’m just a guy that has a talent for explaining complex concepts in terms that others can comprehend.

I learned I could do this fairly early on in life. That didn’t really serve well… The other kids weren’t too happy with me and chose not to avail themselves of my ability. I really hope that now we are adults (well, some still struggling with being adult) we can simply share our respective gifts and talents to the net benefit of all.

I have a lot of experience and research in many areas that I have found interest in over the years, and some pretty new ones that are starting to become known. From scratch built ship and airplane models to ram pumps, injection molds, robotics, greenhouse design, indoor growing systems, industrial engineering, pumps, aeronautics, hydraulics, computer hardware and software, webmastering, server administration… I think you get the idea.
I have had a lot of hats over the years, a lot of interests and need to be innovative.

Now is the time to pass it on to whomever finds it useful.    I haven’t found anyone yet that I couldn’t help in some way.

Hope to hear from you.