Growing can be as simple or as complex as you chose. Some systems are “set and forget”, requiring no input from the grower until harvest. Some require specialized computers to monitor and make adjustments minute by minute. Each has both merits and drawbacks.
Wading through the overwhelming array of options available to growers today can be very time consuming and stressful. For some, nearly impossible, due to the growth and changes in the industry over the last twenty or thirty years.
For those wondering if they have what it takes to successfully supply themselves, we can assess your abilities and make suggestions where you may need assistance.
Those that have been doing this for a while and may want to try something new, we can help you see if it is a good fit for your current space and resources.

Consulting services are offered by donation.
We don’t feel that just because you can’t afford something that it should be unavailable. We don’t leave anyone behind.

If you find our services helpful, please tell your friends.