Please forgive this not so subtle reminder that although I love to teach and solve problems, as well as help and co-create freely for nothing more than a smile, it’s difficult to make that work as the world is now. I bet you are there as well and know what I mean.

I seriously dislike “charging” or “selling” anyone anything. But I really like cheese and coffee and butt floss. I have chosen a tough position in that I only ask for donations of what you feel is right for the information you obtain.
That being said, if you are struggling and simply unable to donate, I will not turn you away.
Also, I will not play favorites… All clients get the same service regardless of donations.

If you would like to assist us with regular donations but don’t want to have to remember, here is a recurring donation link you can use.
Available options
Be aware, although this button goes to a different account, Fred is guaranteed to receive the donations.



If you require other means,
please send an email to Fred and let us know what you need.

We sincerely thank you for supporting our efforts to make growing your own normal again.