Not that long ago, children learned about growing from their parents or grandparents. Sadly, that is lost for a great many of us.
We want to return to a sharing of knowledge specific to the student and where there are no stupid questions. We realize that many have no experience growing plants of any kind and are going to need some help.
We will take you through from the initial choices of system and size to curing and storing your product. Questions will be answered and the reasoning will be explored so the student not only knows the answers, but the why’s as well.
We will be with you for every step to mitigate or preemptively solve inevitable issues.
We will work with your budget and skill level to generate satisfying results in your grow.

To the right you see the beginnings of the decision tree involved with choosing a system that will not only do what you need but be one that you can handle without difficulty.
Each of these choices is affected by the others. For example, one can grow in NFT in a greenhouse under the sun with no additional lighting or ventilation, or in soil under intense artificial lighting.
Not every system will be so simple and your results will be significantly different with different choices.
We want to talk with you and get a sense of where you are with growing, then find out your goals. Once we have a clear picture of where you want to be, we can work on setting you up with the best choices.

System style, system mechanics, lighting, water delivery and ventilation all dovetail together to create a complete growing system. The way these can combine are vast, but the rewards often can be surprising. In many instances, there are specific issues that are unique to the combinations available. Familiarity with each of the different systems will go a long way to reduce or eliminate problems.
If the student is seeking a broad spectrum knowledge of some or all of the systems available today, we are here to discuss and enlighten.


                Flood and Drain
                Nutrient Film Technique
                Deep Water Culture