When it all goes horribly wrong

No matter how careful you are, no matter how much attention to detail you employ, no matter how much experience you have, problems will eventually creep in to your grow.
From pH swing to waste salt toxicity to light spectrum deficiencies to nutrient problems, we can help.

We know that sometimes a problem with a plant or grow system can be highly illusive and difficult to trace. Most of the problems show up in unrelated systems. For example, a slight pH imbalance can lock out certain nutrients and prevent the plant from absorbing them. This will show up in growth pattern changes, leaf curl or discoloration as well as several other effects.

Without some experience, one is likely to have some issues pinning down the cause of a change in your plants.

Once the cause is found, the next thing is to formulate a response. One that is effective, efficient and does not cause additional unrelated problems. Trust me when I say that chasing pH swing due to some issue with your growing medium is intensely frustrating to say the least. Without knowing what to do or having someone to ask risks a total loss of your crop, if not your mind.

Depending on what growing system you are currently using, the time for a problem to become out of hand is vastly different. In soil grows the issues develop slowly, often over weeks and the solutions also take significant time. In something fussy like aeroponics, certain problems can be fatal to the plants in a matter of an hour or less…

We understand that when your garden is not feeling well, it is a very stressful time.
Live help priority will be given to emergency troubleshooting issues.
Please be aware that this live help line is NOT manned 24/7. All offline messages are forwarded to Fred. We will answer as soon as possible.

Other issues that are not so pressing, please use the following form.